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bare bones (pl.n)

reduced to the essential elements; simplified; distilled.

We believe that good movement is the foundation of a good life, and achieving this shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming.

By coming to our Studio, you can save the time you spend researching how to get your own results, and simply start seeing the changes in your movement.  Surf, dance, CrossFit or cycling; whatever your interest is, we can strengthen your essential movements.

The Noosa studio provides Reformer Pilates classes; efficient full body strength and movement training which is the key to your freedom.  Choose a Group Pilates class to feel the energy of the Studio community, or book yourself an in-studio or Virtual private session for Pilates focused on you.

With our 7 day a week sessions you can find time to achieve your goals with us. 

Your Life. Your Move (we can’t do it for you, but we can teach you how to do it well)