Did you know that just one session of Pilates will identify weaknesses, strengths, and bias in your movement? This knowledge is how our Instructors create strong foundations for more demanding movement as you progress. 

For advice on how many sessions you should be doing each week, ask us in Studio after your first session. Everyone’s answer is different as it’s based on you! For a general guideline on frequency for specific benefits, read FAQ’s

At Bare Bones Movement we offer the following Group Reformer class types:

Open Reformer 

A class for both new and experienced Pilates practitioners alike.  If you are new to Pilates, Open Reformer will develop your understanding of Pilates principles while your body gets stronger each session. If Pilates is already your thing, enjoy the challenging progressions offered to advanced clients!  Expect results like a strong core, shoulder stability and taller posture,  with overall strengthening and toning. 

Flex (Coming Soon) 

Bend, Extend, Dynamic Stretch; this is Flex. The antidote to muscle stress and an essential inclusion to your Pilates week.

Private Sessions Contact the Studio for 1:1 and 2:1 availability. Session times 7 days/week.

What next?

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