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One session of Pilates will rapidly identify weaknesses, strengths, and bias in your movement. This knowledge is how we create strong foundations for more demanding movement. 

At Bare Bones Movement we offer the following class types:

Open Reformer A class for both new and experienced Pilates practitioners alike. Open Reformer will develop your understanding of Pilates principles while your body gets stronger each session. Additional progressions are designed to keep you challenged, no matter what your level.  Expect results like a strong core, shoulder stability and taller posture, along with overall strengthening and toning. 

Progressions Reformer   Ready to ramp it up? This class assumes prior experience in Reformer Pilates practice. Building upon the Pilates alignment and techniques developed in Open classes, here we add layers of movement to take the exercises further. Challenge is found in variations of Pace, Range, Direction, Stamina, and combinations of movement. Not suitable during Pregnancy, or for those recovering from injury. 

Intensity  Shorter classes, dynamic movement, this class is an athletic cardio & strength session. Expect to get your heart pumping and body moving.  Our tip: good technique and alignment is essential to gain the benefits of this class, so do attend some Open Reformer classes before joining Intensity. Not suitable during pregnancy or in recovery from injury.

Your Life. Your Move. (we can’t move for you, but we can show you how)