Group Reformer Pilates

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Effective movement is fundamental to your health and physical well-being. Let us help you to achieve your goals: you can choose a group reformer Pilates package or book a private virtual or in-studio class to receive sessions tailored to you.

The Benefits of Our Group Pilates Classes

Pilates stretches and lengthens all your major muscle groups in a balanced way and helps you to control your movement from the centre point of your body, while providing you with a sense of community, sharing a space with others who are focused on movement.

  • Though it requires focus, concentration, body placement, and rhythm, you do not work out to the point of exhaustion, sweating, or straining. Your teacher can evaluate the exercises to ensure that they are appropriate for you.
  • Pilates can help improve your flexibility and increase tone and strength in the abdominal muscles, back, buttocks, hips, sides, and limbs. Working on the core muscles of your body improves your posture and muscular control and helps to support the spine.
  • Pilates may help you manage stress; improve your concentration and body awareness; access relaxation; stimulate your circulation and lung capacity through deep breathing; release your upper back, neck, and shoulders; and tweak your balance and physical coordination.
  • A group Pilates session takes you through a sustained series of movements that require abdominal control. The quality of the postures is more valuable than how many repetitions you do or how vigorously you move. At Bare Bones Movement, every class will be different as we plan around our clients’ movement goals.

Give yourself greater protection from musculoskeletal injuries caused by muscle imbalances and movement patterns.

What Do Reformer Pilates Group Classes Entail?

Our instructors use reformer machines, with the springs and pulley system in the apparatus with the springs and pulley system in the apparatus adding resistance to challenge or assist you during the movement.

  • Our solid Canadian maple wood reformers are exceptionally comfortable. They provide an ultra-smooth gliding action and are padded for comfort so that you can pay attention to your movements.
  • Use of the reformer enables a more comprehensive exercise repertoire, adds variety to your practice, and contributes to a more substantial motion range to work the entire body, including the legs and arms.
  • We offer several packages, starting with an introductory offer for new clients of three classes over 14 days. You can also grab a single drop-in class, or a seven-day pass that provides three classes. Movement Passes 2, 3 and 4 offer consistency as you attend two, three, or four reformer group classes each week as a member.

We also offer five and ten class packs, and private sessions. Attend the classes virtually or in our studio.

About Bare Bones Movement

We run a centrally-located and thoughtfully designed studio in Noosa. Our helpful, qualified instructors watch and listen carefully, offering dynamic Pilates and providing a fun and engaging experience for our clients.

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