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Reformer Pilates Studio in Noosa

At Bare Bones Movement, we believe that good movement is the foundation of a good life. Our modern reformer Pilates studio in Noosa offers you a team of qualified Pilates instructors to help you experience a reformer class. While we help you build a strong foundation, you will be thoroughly enjoying your development and strength as you move and learn.

Join us at our Pilates studio in Noosa Junction for your first flowing movement to core strength. With training and focus, your core will be engaged to support your body in movement. You will build shoulder and full-body strength and tone by exploring a new series of movements and transitions. In just one session, we will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses and any bias in your movement, allowing us to effectively create that strong foundation for growth to more demanding movements as you progress.

The Benefits of Reformer Pilates

Every muscle fibre in your body is recruited in this total-body exercise, leading to a much stronger core. If you want to focus on specific core movements and strengthen muscles, then reformer Pilates is an excellent workout.

  • It helps with your balance and joint stability and strengthens the abdominals, hamstrings and glutes, as well as overall strengthening. These muscles support the spine and help lengthen the hip flexors, increasing flexibility and improving your posture.
  • This low-impact workout involves a sequence of core exercises that stabilise and support your spine and back and helps tone and your midsection.

If you are currently recovering from an injury, have movement restrictions or have other health conditions, it is vitally important that you inform the studio before booking your class, ensuring the necessary adjustments are made if needed. You can view our various packages and schedule online and make your first booking with ease.

Exercise Safely and Prevent Common Injuries

Regardless of the intensity of an exercise, you should know at what level you are individually before starting with any form of exercise. Not only high-intensity classes can cause an injury, but even the more common forms of exercise can be problematic if done incorrectly. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy, fit and safe with Pilates in Noosa:

  • Always talk to a qualified instructor before you start with any new workout. It is often the best way to avoid problems because your instructor can guide you expertly on the best approach for your personal ability to achieve your goals. If you are recovering from an injury, it is good to have a one-on-one session with your instructor before joining classes for an accurate assessment to determine your personalised plan.
  • Work your way up progressively. Knowing your ability will guide you to start at the right level and work towards your desired goal. It is especially true if you are attempting a type of exercise for the first time, where you have no familiarity or knowledge of it. Where you start isn’t about your fitness level, but instead if you’ve done it before or not and if you are suitably trained to exercise at a higher intensity level.
  • Know what works for you. You cannot just jump full steam into your friend’s workout plan. Often what is appropriate for one is not suitable for another. Doing something that is not right for you can easily result in an aching joint or worse.

It is important to understand that any position can cause your joints pain when the surrounding muscles and tendons are weak. You must always warm up your body so that your muscles are limber enough to manage the stretching and avoid tightness. At Bare Bones Movement, we do this for you, as classes are structured to move you safely as well as strongly.

Workouts often become routine, and that is when you must take extra care. Not fully understanding a movement by way of feet and balance placement and posture are some variables that impact the joints. Be knowledgeable about your movements and work with your instructor to stay safe and injury-free.

Let’s Flex Together

Contact Bare Bones Movement today to book your first class. Enjoy your Pilates at Noosa Junction, with qualified instructors to help you build strength and flexibility progressively.