Reformer Pilates Noosa

For a Stronger You, Try Reformer Pilates in Noosa

Are you an individual invested in your wellbeing by eating healthy foods and following an active lifestyle? Perhaps you’ve decided that you need to improve your lifestyle to make moving through life easier? We offer reformer Pilates in Noosa for physically fit individuals who want to improve themselves. There’s no limit to who can do Pilates, because it’s a low impact/high result method, aimed at strengthening your core where all movement originates.

Benefits of Noosa Reformer Pilates

The reformer is a specialised piece of pilates equipment. We have equipped our studio with Canadian Maple solid wood reformers with smooth glide and padding for ease of use. Depending on your fitness level, the machine adjusts to various degrees of tension. These are some of the gains you can expect to make to reach overall health and injury prevention. :

  • Improves posture and balance. You improve your spinal alignment by strengthening your core muscles, strengthening opposing muscles to work in cohesion. Without this balance, one may experience headaches, painful shoulders and back pain. Pilates involves whole-body exercise to activate your core, encourage balance and improve your body’s overall performance.
  • Improves mobility and decreases back pain. Pilates works on your body’s range of movement at the joint level to encourage free movement. Because Pilates works on strengthening your abdominal muscles, this fortified area acts as a brace to better support your organs, promotes spine health and prevents the integrity of your back from being compromised in future.
  • Boosts immunity and cognitive functioning. Regular Pilates increases blood circulation, where the increased movement of lymph strengthens your body’s ability to fight off disease. Blood flow to the brain increases oxygen levels to promote easier learning and enhance memory.
  • Enhances sports performance. Research has found Pilates to increase muscle mass, strength and ease stiffness by activating tight body parts.

What You Can Expect from Bare Bones Movement Reformer Pilates Classes

We offer Pilates reformer classes in a beautiful and spacious location where you have the option of attending one-one or group classes:

  • Private lessons. Private sessions can be just for you (1:1), or join with friends for up to a three-person group (trio session). These sessions are ideal for identifying individual areas of weakness to plan a programme suited to your personal needs. Let us help you create a strong foundation on which to build your progress.
  • Diverse group reformer class types. Our layered group classes are designed to challenge all levels of fitness in the same session, using foundation movements for beginners and advanced progressions for others. Each class focuses on movement, control and strength to establish your limits and improve them.

  • The ‘flex’ type class involves bending, extending and dynamic stretching, where the flow in exercises helps you explore new ranges of movement and transitions.
  • Virtual sessions. For those who prefer to work on their physique from the comfort of their own home, we offer web-based classes where you reap all the benefits that you would from an in-house session while saving precious time. So, book online under the schedule section.

What Sets Bare Bones Movement Reformer Pilates Classes Apart?

Whether you are just starting, or are a regular at pilates, we have the class and package for you.

  • Our movement focus: We use the pilates method on our reformers as we have found it is the most effective method for identifying and improving weaknesses in your movement. We offer creative movement sequences, designed specifically to challenge.
  • Our Location: Our designated studio space has been designed to be neutral, inviting, textured and spacious. We want our clients to feel relaxed and comfortable in their surroundings for the most enjoyable experience possible.

Why Trust Bare Bones Movement

We have an abundance of testimonials from clients whose expectations we’ve exceeded. Reviews commend our techniques used where our instructors give clear direction and focus on form. So, bring comfortable clothes, socks with a grip on the sole and a water bottle to begin your fitness journey with finesse.

For a fun way of achieving your fitness goals, contact us.